Roeder Cartage Company, Inc.

Roeder Cartage Company, Inc. (RCC) is a privately held Ohio corporation with terminals in Lima, Ohio, Toledo, Ohio and Paris, Kentucky. RCC maintains and continues to build a strong niche in the transportation of bulk liquid commodities destined for use in many chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Our company owns a fleet of 90 late model Freightliners tractors, 155 tank trailers and 32 van trailers, and operates in all 48 states and Canada.

Proud recipient of the annual National Women’s Business Enterprise Certification

National Women’s Business Enterprise Certification

Highest Safety Record

Frequent and ongoing driver training, not to mention a well-maintained fleet of vehicles, have helped Roeder Cartage Company achieve and maintain one of the highest safety records among trucking companies their size. We pride ourself on the fact that all drivers are company employees enabling us to ensure that the requirements for safety compliance and DOT regulations are always met. Learn More

Proactive Training Program

Roeder Cartage Company believes that despite the ever-increasing cost, properly trained drivers and other personnel contributes greatly to the overall success of this company. Our Company hires only quality people who share their concern for safety and excellent. Not only does RCC enjoy the benefits associated with an excellent safety record, they also have one of the lowest employee turnover ratios in the industry.

Driver recruitment, selection and training are a painstaking and expensive process. All prospective drivers must produce a valid commercial driver’s license; have at least two years of driving experience and a clean motor vehicle record. A fair amount of testing and classroom training must be accomplished. New drivers are assigned to professional experienced veteran driver’s for on the road training for at least two weeks. Learn More

Our Mission

Our commitment to high standards of Health, Environmental and Safety (HES) performance is supported by the following policy:

  • Accident Prevention – Our goal is an accident and injury free workplace, with 100 percent safe work practices and conditions throughout our operations.
  • Communities – We are dedicated to being a good neighbor in the communities where we work. We will conduct our operations safely and responsibly and will consult with community leaders on issues of mutual interest.
  • Security and Emergency Preparedness – Security and emergency preparedness are vital functions and the responsibility of management, supervisors, and employees at all levels. We will maintain emergency plans to protect everyone in and around our facilities.
  • Risk Assessment – Management of risk is fundamental to safe operations. We will systematically identify potential hazards, assess their relative significance and develop reduction measures to ensure that risks are properly addressed.
  • Legislative and Regulatory Compliance – We will comply with all applicable HES laws, regulations and other requirements to which these companies subscribe.
  • Training and Education – We will ensure that all employees understand their HES responsibilities and that they are trained and competent to perform their assigned duties effectively.
  • Communication – We will clearly communicate our HES commitments, responsibilities and performance to our employees and our customers.

Our goal is to provide transportation services for the chemical industry that are safe and environmentally sound throughout, conduct our operations in an environmentally responsible manner, and create health and safety practices and work environments that enable our employees to work injury-free.

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