Safety and Training

Safety and Training is RCC's Top Priority

Two Safety Meetings a year are held at each of the RCC terminals. Many times outside speakers are brought in to provide safe practices and compliance information. Demonstrations of safe use of equipment along with being prepared for the unexpected incidents.

The Safety department daily monitors the CSA seven basics scores. This is done to help drivers be aware of the likely hood of inspections and be aware of areas for improvement. All of the company scores are acceptable with the Department of Transportation.

Safety is quite evident in the hazmat scoring system. The company hazmat inspection scores are well below the national average. The lower score the less violations.


Drivers at Roeder Cartage assume the roll of mentors to new drivers. Driver trainers make themselves readily available. All drivers are expected to be a support group to any company employee that may need assistance.

Drivers, thru their safe efforts, represent the company in a positive relationship with the insurance carrier Great West Causality.

Our dispatch team and safety department director have all been drivers for the company, allowing for driver problems and safety issues at many times to be resolved by a phone call. Drivers have a very good support team with years of experience.

Dispatch & Safety Team

Roeder Cartage Company is proud to be the recipient of the prestigious Heil National Tank Truck Carriers safety award.

This award is given to only one tank truck company a year.

Safety Award