Safe, Secure, and On-Time:

Roeder Cartage, Your Trusted Partner for Bulk Liquid Logistics

Safety Focus

Two Safety Meetings a year are held at each of the RCC terminals.

Hazmat Certified Drivers

CSA and Safety Management Scores are pass and safety compliant with FMCSA

Great Routes

Steady miles each week, 99% one way loads, Local and over night runs

We are always looking for experienced team members!

If you’re looking for a company that values its employees, offers career growth opportunities, and provides a supportive work environment, Roeder Cartage is a great option to consider.

RCC Trailer

Our Fleet

RCC owns a fleet of 90 Freightliner tractors, 155 tank trailers and 32 van trailers, and operates in all 48 states and Canada.

Interested in joining the RCC Team?

Roeder Cartage Company hires only quality people who share their concern for safety and excellent. Learn more about what Roeder Cartage Company has to offer.

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