The History of RCC

Roeder Cartage Company (RCC) was started in 1974 by Calvin E. Roeder as a dry and refrigerated van freight transporter. As time went on and competition in the van freight business increased, RCC began the transition out of van freight and into the transportation of bulk liquid commodities, generally chemicals such as sulfuric and hydrochloric acids. We provide transportation services for the chemical and dry freight industry that are environmentally safe and sound and in a responsible manner throughout. We have created health and safety practices and work environments that enable our employees to work injury-free.

In the late 1900’s, Cal met Mr. Dave Lovell from Coulton Chemical Co. who assisted him in obtaining the authorities to haul bulk liquid hazardous chemicals throughout the United States and Canada. Trucking companies that haul such materials are required to implement comprehensive safety and training programs for their drivers. Roeder Cartage is no exception. Frequent and ongoing driver training, not to mention a well-maintained fleet of vehicles, have helped Roeder Cartage Company achieve and maintain one of the highest safety records among trucking companies our size. Our employees are the backbone of this company. They are dedicated and highly specialized in what they do. Roeder employees share the company’s concern for safety and excellent customer service. Cal stresses to all employees and especially the drivers that “We operate this business like a family in that every employee is an important and vital part of the RCC family business.”

Due to Cal’s knowledge, hard work and the help of every member of the RCC family; Roeder Cartage has grown to be the success that it is today – 40 years later!