CDL DMV Information

January 20, 2017 - By Roeder Cartage

Driving a truck is a great way to make a good living and provide for yourself and your family. While each state has its own application process, all states have to comply with the federal regulations. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or FMCSA regulates the requirements for commercial drivers across the nation.

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CDL Suspensions

January 11, 2017 - By Roeder Cartage

If you drive a truck then you know all too well that your CDL is the most important thing you have in your job. Losing your CDL means that you lose your source of income and your family’s livelihood. That is why it is so important for you to be aware of the requirements and..

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Truck Driving Safety Tips

December 20, 2016 - By Roeder Cartage

Commercial truck driving is serious business. Any given day you are dealing with dangerous weather conditions, wandering wildlife and other motorists; so your full attention must be on the road and what is going on around you. In addition to all those factors, you are operating a large rig carrying heavy or sometimes dangerous cargo..

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New to Trucking Do’s and Don’ts

December 8, 2016 - By Roeder Cartage

If you’re new to trucking, then you should know that you have signed on for a lifestyle, not just a job. Over-the-road driving is how you live. You will often deliver a load and will not know where the next destination is until the information is given to you so you could be in New..

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Getting Your Big Rig Unstuck

November 28, 2016 - By Roeder Cartage

Getting stuck in a snowy parking lot, mud or soft sand can be an intimidating experience for a trucker; but you can be sure that sooner or later you will experience getting stuck. It can be an intimidating and possibly expensive experience for any truck driver. Here are some tips and tricks to getting your..

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Simple Ways to Show Truckers Appreciation

November 9, 2016 - By Roeder Cartage

Truck drivers provide a tremendous service by working hard to get loads transported all over the country. This job is a unique one in that working hard doesn’t necessarily mean back-breaking labor, but rather staying awake for the drive, road safety and making sure things run on time, just to name a few things. It’s..

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Tips for the Long Haul

October 31, 2016 - By Roeder Cartage

Long haul driving can be difficult to get through. Here are 5 tips for the long haul so you can reach your destination safely:

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7 Characteristics of Successful Truck Drivers

October 14, 2016 - By Roeder Cartage

Life on the open road can be wonderful and challenging all at the same time. Some people are up to the job more than others just simply because their character, their innate characteristics, allows them too. These folks who have IT, all share 7 characteristics that truly set themselves apart from other truckers and are..

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7 Ways Truckers Can Avoid Back Pain

September 30, 2016 - By Roeder Cartage

A job could not be more sedentary than that of a truck driver. And do you know what all that sitting leads to… back pain. Truck drivers suffer from back pain at four times the rate of the national average. Back pain is avoidable if the proper preventative steps are taken. Here are 7 ways..

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Keeping Your Health a Priority While on the Road

September 14, 2016 - By Roeder Cartage

Your health should be made a priority, period. But being a trucker with a life on the road doesn’t always equal out to a healthy lifestyle. Much of your time is spent sitting in a chair for hours upon hours at a time. However, you have to make your health a priority so that you..

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