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Money comes and money goes, but that doesn’t mean you should be reckless with your earnings. Unexpected things also come up that require money such as vehicle repairs, doctor visits, home renovations, etc. When you are smart with your money unexpected expenses don’t throw you off track. 

3 Important Money Management Tips for Truck Drivers 

  1. Make a budget
  2. Limit how much money you spend on food
  3. Use your cruise control 

Make a budget

Budgets are crucial. You bring in a certain amount of money each month and it’s important that you don’t spend more than you are bringing in. The goal is to spend less and put the extra aside in your savings for emergency expenses. There are a ton of free apps out there that you can download onto your phone that will help you divvy up your money into certain categories so you can physically see how much money you have left for the month. If that doesn’t work for you, try carrying cash only. When you carry cash you aren’t tempted to spend money you don’t have when you swipe your credit card. 

Limit how much money you spend on food

When you are on the road there is nothing easier than stopping at whatever fast food restaurant you see and picking up lunch or dinner. But, what’s even easier than that is spending more money than you intended. Did you know that if you spend $10 a day on fast food you are spending $3,650 a year? If you spend $15 a day on fast food you are spending $5,475 on food. That’s why it’s so important to set a food budget and bring food with you to snack on that can last without expiring. 

Use your cruise control

Did you know that your cruise control can help you save gas? It’s true! When you are constantly speeding up and slowing down you are causing your vehicle to work more which in turn uses more gas. When you are going too fast you are also putting yourself at risk for a ticket which results in more money spent and it may result in you losing your CDL or being suspended. 

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