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Time is something that gets away from us all. But, when you are working it is important to stay on a schedule. You don’t want to fall behind or be late on your deliveries so be sure that you set up a schedule and system that works for you. 

3 time management tips for truckers:

  1. Plan your day including your rest times
  2. Take advantage of your GPS
  3. Stay productive

Plan your day including your rest times

You want to make most of your working hours so what better way to do so than to plan out your day. There is only so much time in your day so you will want to plan your start times, breaks, lunches, and deliveries to ensure that you stay on schedule. When you plan these things out you are able to see when you fall behind and where you can possibly save time later in the day to make up for it. Planning may seem like a lot of work, but when done right it can save you money in the long run.

Take advantage of your GPS

The GPS is a great tool that effectively will show you your ETA, how many miles, potential traffic issues, changes in speed, etc. When you use it to your advantage you are able to better manage your time. Because when these changes do occur you can estimate possibly cutting your lunch break short if it means you will make your delivery on time. 

Stay productive

Have you ever experienced a breakdown or an extended wait time while you are on the road? If so, try taking advantage of this opportunity. Is there work you can do while you wait? Can you fill out the paperwork? Work on your logbook? Have a snack in the car so you don’t have to stop for dinner? Do you need to make a call to confirm delivery? Whatever the case maybe try using your downtime to stay productive so that you can get your work done in a timely manner. 

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