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According to the American Trucking Association, the truck-driver shortage has reached 40,000 openings nationwide.

That’s a pretty steep number to wrap your mind around. So if you’re a truck driver, that means you have plenty of options available to you. It also means you don’t need to settle on the first possibility available. You want to find the perfect fit.

And while reading employee reviews online or simply looking at what a company offers truckers, you can certainly do that.

But once you’ve done that and whittled down the companies you are looking to drive for, it’s time to nail the job interview. Not only does the interview help you get the job, if you ask the right questions they can reveal a lot about the company you’ll be joining.

Here are 5 questions you should ask in your next interview if you want to land the job.

1. What would your last five hires say about the company?

Beginning a new job can be overwhelming, but if the company has a good culture, this can put new employees at ease and make them feel like they made a good decision about joining the company. Asking this question can be beneficial because you want to have a good vibe about your future potential employer, and if the new hires and managers have a good understanding with one another, you will get a sense at how people interact with each other within the company before even starting a job.

Not all trucking companies are created equal, and the culture will differ from company to company. So if you have experience at one, it will not be the same at the next.

2. What are the common attributes of your top performers?

Great candidates want to be great long-term employees. Asking what key qualities are of top drivers within the company can give you a clear idea of what they are looking for in potential candidates and how you compare to that. This also shows that you care about your future with the company.

3. What constitutes success with this position and company?

This is another great question to ask because it shows you are interested in succeeding with the company rather than just putting your hours in and going home with no worries. This will also give you insight to the expectations of the position and the company culture. Also, knowing the opportunities that could possibly be presented to you ahead of time will help you decide whether the job is something you’d be interested in.

4. How will the company help me develop?

Many top trucking companies offer regular training and certification opportunities. Find out what these are and how often they come up. As a driver, you not only want to improve your skills but learn new things regularly. You do not want to accept a job only to find out there is no support system or a plan to help you continue to perform at a high level. This question also shows you are interested in self-improvement and growing with the company.

5. Who is the ideal candidate for this position?

Usually, an employer wants someone in the company that fits both personally and professionally. If you ask this question, it will give you a glimpse of their expectations for the position. Give the company a chance to paint a picture of their ideal candidate and you can share your strengths in that category.

Asking questions in an interview makes you look confident and interested, plus it can help you get into great situations while avoiding bad ones. If you show confidence and interest, that will give you a huge advantage over someone that they can tell is only there because they need any job. Ask smart questions that will show the interviewer you are fast on your feet and a bold thinker; believe you can and you will.


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