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Have you tried avoiding road rage? This seems darn near impossible sometimes, especially when you encounter several drivers on the road that infuriate you and all of a sudden you can’t keep your cool anymore. It happens to drivers everywhere, both the good ones and the bad ones.

As a truck driver, you are highly trained and have learned plenty of driving skills that most other motorists have not. It can cause plenty of conflict and frustration when you are forced to be around unskilled and reckless drivers. It might be difficult, but the first step to take is realizing that you are well-trained and that bad drivers may never be able to understand quite like you do.

Be Patient

This is the hardest thing to do. It’s very easy to get frustrated and curse and get in a bad mood. But remember that you are an educated, skilled driver.

Also, keep in mind that showing other drivers how angry you are will only make them mad at you in return. Keep your cool and keep the peace.

Remember, Delays Don’t Cost You

Yes, you definitely want to get from one place to the other quickly because you’re not paid by the hour. But it helps to remember that you’re paid by the mile and that delays are often just part of the trip.

Sometimes it might take more minutes to complete the trip, but that’s okay. Frustration with traffic jams and bad drivers, unfortunately, don’t anything to change that. Keep in mind that you’re still getting paid either way.

Drive Slower in Heavy Traffic

Driving slow seems counterproductive, but when you’re in slower traffic, it really makes no difference. If you know about traffic waves, you know that you’re usually getting nowhere anyway.

But the main goal of driving slower is to take it easy. Slow it down, feel more calm, and go with the flow the best you can. It will help you avoid getting angry and avoid the possibility of an accident.

Listen to Music

Some of your favorite music will help you stay calm on the road. It can keep your mind focused on something other than the driver that just cut you off, or the gridlock all around you.

Easy listening music is a good choice because it’s smooth and calming. But if something like Motörhead relaxes you, then go for it. You know your music taste better than anyone else. It doesn’t really matter what you listen to as long as it helps you stay stress-free.

Set Up the Right Expectations

Sometimes drivers set up expectations that their drive will be an absolute dream, even if they do it involuntarily. This makes you frustrated when you discover unexpected slow traffic on the road. Expectations are smashed, and then you’re left angry.

Go into a trip with the expectation that delays will happen. Go in with the expectation that there will be bad drivers. This will keep you cool and collected from the very start, and you won’t be surprised by delays.

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