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Life on the open road can be wonderful and challenging all at the same time. Some people are up to the job more than others just simply because their character, their innate characteristics, allows them too. These folks who have IT, all share 7 characteristics that truly set themselves apart from other truckers and are found to be the most successful at what they do. The 7 characteristics that make a successful truck driver:

Able to work independently.

Life as a trucker means going through long stretches of time being alone. In order to be successful, you have to be ok with being alone with you and your thoughts. Additionally, because it’s only you out there, you have to have the ability to be a self-starter/motivator; taking responsibility for all tasks that need to get done so that you and the freight you’re carrying delivered safely.


Sometimes this job can be unpredictable. Being able to smoothly transition from roadblocks, both on and off the road, will make the job more enjoyable.


Whatever you are hauling, there is someone relying on you to make that delivery. When you take on a job, you are giving your word that you will get the delivery made at a certain time. Being reliable on the job means people trust you get the job done right.  


Some people carry around a greater sense of responsibility than others – those are the people we want driving. When you’re a trucker, you are responsible for hauling thousands of pounds of goods to (sometimes) great distances. Not only are you responsible for the load you’re running, but your fellow road comrades you’re sharing the road with. Being responsible in this field means taking safety seriously.

Stress management skills.

Man, can things get stressful while trying to make a delivery? So many things can potentially go wrong – highway backup because of an accident or your tire blew – and you have to be able to handle that stress. Setbacks are going to happen; great truckers know how to handle those setbacks with ease.


We’re all on a deadline. In trucking, you have to make your delivery dates and times. You need to have time management and be able to forward think to plan out your day and/or sleep schedule so you can make that delivery safely and on time.

Work ethic.

Successful truck drivers have a strong work ethic for all the characteristics listed above and more. Having a strong work ethic means continually striving to go above and beyond what is required of you. This is what truly sets you apart from the rest.


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