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A job could not be more sedentary than that of a truck driver. And do you know what all that sitting leads to… back pain. Truck drivers suffer from back pain at four times the rate of the national average. Back pain is avoidable if the proper preventative steps are taken. Here are 7 ways truckers can avoid back pain:


The most effective and easiest way to keep back pain at bay is to stretch before, during and after every trip. Get into a stretch regimen and make it a habit to strengthen your muscles and improve flexibility.


Pack some Packs

Bring along ice and heat packs to help alleviate some of the discomfort. Ice packs will help reduce inflammation and numb some of the pain. Applying heat to your lower back will also help to dull the pain.  



Let’s face it, most of us do not drink enough water and are more than likely dehydrated to some degree. Dehydration leads to cramping muscles which can cause back pain. Swap out your soda-pop for water and aim to drink around 64 ounces a day. If that seems like a lot, eat hydrating foods such as fruits. Not only will drinking more water help with cramping muscles and back pain but it will benefit your overall health.



During long stretches of highway driving, set your cruise control so you can keep both feet flat on the floor. This will allow you to distribute your weight evenly, which will put less of a strain on your back.


Upgrade Your Seat

Considering you spend 99% of your work life in it, think about investing in a new driver’s seat that offers ergonomics, suspension system and plenty of adjustable features. Upgrading to a well designed seat will not only make life on the road more comfortable but will save your back from potential pains and aches.   


If you can’t upgrade your whole seat, at the very least, you should consider getting yourself a cushion that offers lumbar support. Either solution will be well worth the investment.


Maximize Stops

Sitting in one position for long periods of time makes muscles tight and stiff. When you have to stop, be sure to maximize your time of the road by stretching and try to get a quick 10-15 minute walk in. Exercise and stretching is key to preventing back pain so aim to take at least two breaks to try to get this in.  


Shake it Out

Sitting still for hours becomes tiresome on your body. About every 20 minutes let yourself move around in your seat and change positions to avoid fatigue.  


Make your job more enjoyable by taking the steps above to prevent back pain from affecting your job and overall health.
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