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There are many things that truck drivers need when they’re on the road. They may be driving for hours or days at a time, so it’s important to have supplies with them in case of emergencies. 

This blog post is going to go over 9 things you should always keep in your vehicle when you’re on the road. From snacks and drinks to jumper cables and an air compressor, this list covers all your bases!

9 things a truck driver needs when they’re on the road:

  1. A trucker’s logbook to keep track of their hours and other important information
  2. Heavy duty gloves for loading and unloading cargo
  3. Sunglasses to protect their eyes from the sun, snow, rain, or whatever else they might encounter on the road
  4. Ear plugs because sometimes it can get loud in a truck cab 
  5. Hand sanitizer because you never know what you’ll touch while driving your rig 
  6. Extra clothing like sweaters and jackets because conditions change quickly out there on the open road
  7. Hat for sun protection
  8. A car charger for their cell phone
  9. Basic toiletries

Truck drivers have a tough job. They need to be on the road for long periods of time and they often don’t know what is going to happen next or if their truck will even make it from point A to point B. With so much uncertainty, it’s important that these workers are prepared with all the necessities needed for an emergency situation. Did you know about any of these items? Which one surprised you most? Let us know in the comments below!

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