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Whether you’re considering a career change or simply young and looking ahead to your options once it’s time to earn a paycheck, truck driving may not be the first industry that jumps out at you.

Until you start to look at everything it offers.
From great pay to job security to the freedom of the road, truck driving provides a lot of benefits you may not necessarily know about. Here are some of the advantages to take into consideration if you’re thinking about becoming a truck driver:

1. Decent pay and benefits

The average annual pay for truck drivers is $51,000. That’s very good for any industry, and that’s just the average. Student drivers can make around $40,000 per year with owner-operators pulling in up to $300,000 annually. On top of that, although every company will differ, truckers usually also enjoy paid training, company paid life insurance, company health insurance and a benefit plan, 401K, and demurrage pay. Also, there are generally opportunities for advancement after the first year of driving.

2. Job Security

While many industries seem to be cutting back on employees, trucking is going the other way in a huge way. An ongoing trucker shortage along with an economy that large companies are thriving in has combined to create a major need for truck drivers. In fact, the department of labor statistics expects there will be a need for 250,000 drivers in the U.S. by 2016.

3. No two days will be the same

Some days you may be driving and others may be spent waiting for loads. Even when you are driving, you most likely won’t be traveling to the same places every day. Each day will present itself with new tasks and challenges, so you can be sure you won’t be stuck in a boring, predictable routine. You will also enjoy not having a boss by your side at all times.

4. You get to travel and see new places

Some drivers travel across the country while others travel locally. Whether you’re driving nationally or locally, you’re likely to land in a few places along the way you’ve never heard of, which is always an adventure. You will get to spend any layover time exploring the places you visit.

For many people, the biggest appeal of truck driving is the freedom to travel the country. Plus, it’s a job in which you won’t have a boss constantly looking over your shoulders.

5. Meeting new people

Along with travel opportunities, you get the chance to meet new people and make new connections in several different industries. These connections could benefit you in numerous ways in the future.

There is no experience or special skills necessary for beginning a career in the trucking industry. All that’s needed is a great driving record and for you to be willing to take a short-term and inexpensive CDL training course. Some companies may even train you for free.

6. Better home time

Many trucking companies are increasing their ability to provide excellent home time, with weekends off or consecutive days off to give you time to relax or spend time with your family and friends. Between dedicated runs and simply dispatchers who strive to work with a trucker’s schedule, the nightmare of spending endless hours on the road aren’t the norm anymore.

Not all companies are the same, so it is recommended to do your research on the company you wish to work for using a website like www.glassdoor.com or LinkedIn.

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