Truck Driving and Ergonomics

Truck Driving and Ergonomics

It doesn’t take long to realize truck driving is hard on your body. In fact, according to the United States Labor Department, the trucking industry was one of the leading industries for incidents of work-related injuries in 2015. Now, just because it’s an industry with high injury rates doesn’t mean it’s a lost cause and […]

School Zone Safety

school zone street sign

Summer is winding down, and schools across the country are resuming. With school buses transporting children from home to school and back each day, this is a great time to sit down and review school zone safety. While the majority of your hauls may be on the interstate, there will be times you’ll find yourself […]

The Top 5 Common Causes of Large Truck Accidents

The Top 5 Common Causes of Large Truck Accidents

Many of the reports we hear about big-rig accidents could easily lead someone to believe that most crashes are caused by careless drivers. But that simply isn’t the case. In fact, the Department of Transportation reports that in 60% of all truck crashes, there was no driver error. Additionally, large trucks are involved in fewer […]

Know the “No Zones”

Know the "No Zones"

Truck drivers know that staying safe on the road is always the number one priority of the job. But sometimes, safety is a two-way street between a truck driver and the passenger cars he shares the road with. Through years of experience and research, it’s evident that there are several folks who don’t understand the […]

Semi Truck Driving During High Winds

Semi Truck Driving During High Winds

Driving a big rig during a high wind event will give you a white knuckle ride, for sure. Whether it’s blowing strong and steady or a major gust swoops in, high wind can easily ruin your day and wreck havoc on your tractor trailer. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind if you […]

Preparing for your CDL road test

Remember as a kid preparing for a test and being told to get the right amount of sleep, eat a hearty breakfast the morning of and hopefully, you studied enough to be mentally prepared for the test. Well, this test is a little bit different, you may be super nervous, but the same rules apply […]

Tips for Truckers to Stay Awake on the Road

Stay awake while driving

Besides turning on your favorite jam from the 70s, there are other great tips to follow to help you stay awake on the road. Trucker fatigue is a very real thing and can be an issue that not only puts your life in danger but others on the road with you. Know that safety is […]

Calling All Military Veterans, Have You Considered A Career In Trucking?

Returning to civilian life after you’re finished with the military can be challenging, and finding a job may be even more so. So if you’re a veteran, have you ever considered a career in the trucking industry? There are several skills as a veteran you no doubt possess that would be perfect for truck driving. […]

Other CDL-Related Jobs To Consider

When you think of gaining a CDL, what do you think of? For most people, the first thought that comes to mind OTR (over-the-road) trucking. While most people start in the trucking industry to begin OTR driving, there are several other job options for those who have obtained a CDL. Most truck drivers start out […]

Money Management Tips for Truckers

With so much time out on the road, you might face the challenge of correctly managing your money. It is important to manage money wisely as a truck driver. Treating yourself is great every now and then, but saving up to pay for the things you need and want in the future is better and […]