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You’ve already learned 10-codes and got started on some CB terminology in earlier blogs. But as promised, there is more to learn! Here are more terms you need to know if you want to talk the talk:

“Aardvark” or “Anteater” – A big rig with a long, droopy nose, suggesting that it is attacking an ant colony.

“Affirmative” – Yes or 10-4.

“Back it Down” – Used to tell another driver to get his foot off the accelerator and reduce speed.

“Bear Bait” – A four-wheeler, driving over the speed limit.

“Bear in the Bushes” – A cop is hiding, usually with a radar gun.

“Blue Light Special “- A cop with the lights flashing.

“Boogie” – Driving in top gear.

“Boogity Boogity Boogity” – Got to hurry on down the road.

“Bubble Gum Machine” – A Cop with multicolored lights on the car.

“Bundled Out” – loaded very full.

“Care Bear” – Law enforcement in a construction zone.

“Chain Up” – To put chains on the tires of a rig.

“Cat Walk” – Area behind the cab of the truck.

“Choke-and-Puke” –  A truckstop restaurant that has bad food.

“Come Back” – A call to anyone listening.

“Come On” – Back to you only.

“Comic Book” – A Department of Transportation logbook.

“Copy” – I’m in receipt of your radio / I hear you.

“Destruction Zone” – Road construction.

“Draggin’ Wagon” – A tow truck.

“Drop and Hook” – To unhook from one trailer and hook to another.

“Four-Wheeler” – A vehicle with four wheels.

“Funny Book” – A Department of Transportation logbook.

“Gear Slammer” –  Speeding truck driver, one known to accelerate/decelerate quickly.

“Georgia Overdrive” – Neutral gear.

“Get a Grip” – To take control of a situation.

“Granny Lane” – The right lane on a highway.

“Hammer Down” – To move fast.

“Hanging Iron” – Attaching snow chains to the truck.

“Happy Camper” – An RV going very slow.

“High Dollar Lane” – The left lane of a highway.

“Hood Ornament” – When a car passes a truck at a high speed and then slows down in front of the truck.

“Holler” –  Call me on the radio.

“Hot Load” – Load that needs to be delivered ASAP.

“In the Big Hole” – In top gear.

“Jewelry” – Tire chains or cables.

“Kiddie Car” – A school bus.

“Layover” – Sitting without a load.

“Mission” – A rush load.

“Mud Duck” – A really weak radio signal.

“Negative” – Means no.

“Neighbor” – Other truckers.

“Parking Lot” – A truck carrying automobiles. It can also be used to refer to a traffic jam.

“Peanut Butter in the Ears” – The driver you are calling is not responding.

Portable Barnyard” – A truck hauling livestock.

“Power Up” – Go fast, step on it.

“Real Estate Investor” – A parking spot for a semi

“Remora” – Cars that ride beside a semi and does not pass, lead or follow.

“Rocking Chair” – A truck between the front and rear vehicle of a convoy.

Roger” – means yes or message received.

“Rollover” –  A wreck when a  rig turns over.

“Running Out of Real Estate” – A lane closure, or merging.

“Running Team” – Two drivers working together in one truck, alternating between driving and sleeping.

“Scoot” – A Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

“Shiny Side Up” –  Wishing another driver a safe trip.

“Short Short” – A short amount of time.

“Shut Down” – A truck has been put out of service by the DOT.

“Stage Stop”  A truck stop.

“Stand On It” – Accelerate quickly.

“Steering Wheel Holder” – A driver is not paying attention or displaying inexperienced behavior.

“Taking Pictures” – A cop is using radar equipment.

“Thermos Bottle” – A tanker truck carrying chemicals under pressure.

“Truckin’ It Up” – Doing what you do to get the job done.

“Turn Signal Fluid” – When someone forgets to turn off the turn signals.

“Taxi” – A tow truck that tows a semi-trucks/

“Water the Tires” – Going to the bathroom outside the truck.

“Weight Watcher” – A scale master who works in a weight station or who patrol the highway making random checks.
It seems like a lot to learn, but we promise, one day all this CB terminology will become second nature and you will be able to talk the talk with your fellow truckers.