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Young, ambitious drivers and owner-operators are starting to lean more towards partner driving. Partner driving offers these drivers better income and lifestyle opportunities. Even some husbands and wives are teaming up in their trucking careers. So what are some of the biggest attractions or benefits of partner driving? We’re here to tell you!

Keeping business in the family

Teaming up with a family member means your earnings stay within your household. Some husband and wives team up and hit the road. If you’re married, chances are you’ve already experienced some difficult times together, so if you can make your marriage work, it is likely you can make a team driving situation work also.

Driving is split up between two people

Two people split the driving between days and nights. Of course, this means longer hours on the road, more miles, quicker turnaround, and fewer stops. The FMCSA rules are still the same whether you have a partner or you’re driving solo.

  1. If a team driver goes directly from 10 consecutive hours off-duty to the sleeper berth at the start of his duty period, the sleeper-berth period can be excluded from calculation of the 14-hour limit. It would be a “… combination of consecutive sleeper-berth and off-duty time amounting to at least 10 hours.”
  2. A team driver is limited to counting only 2 hours in the passenger seat as off duty. This ensures that drivers spend the other 8 hours of the required 10 off-duty hours in the sleeper berth.

Team drivers are in demand

Some companies will offer to pay the cost of your CDL school if you agree to team up with someone when you start.

Better income

More miles on the road means you get paid more. Team drivers make more per mile. Exceeding 5,000 miles per week could increase your pay-per-mile. This means the bottom line increases for your team. You’ll still have to share the pay with your partner, but if you’re making more money, you’ll be taking home a fair amount.

The load responsibility is not just yours

Pre-trip inspection is faster, the trip is less lonely, and you won’t have to back into those tight spaces all by yourself. Having a partner there with you means less isolation and more help.

If you want to try partner driving but don’t have a partner in mind, try asking your company to pair you up with someone. There is also a website called truckerteammatch.com that will pair you up with people who have similar locations and personalities.

If you’ve never thought of pairing up with a family member, husband/wife, or a friend for partner driving, these benefits might just make you consider. At Roeder Cartage, our goal is to make sure our drivers and future drivers are always safe and informed about the road ahead. If you have considered a career in trucking or are looking for a change, make sure to consider a position at our company. You can apply today on our website and get things rolling.