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Did you know, on average, truck drivers have more health problems and shorter lifespans in comparison to other careers? Due to the sedentary lifestyle they live, truck drivers lack proper exercise and are crammed into small workspaces. However, we have compiled some healthy tips that are practical and easy to implement. It can be hard to find ways to stay healthy on the road, but don’t give up!

Healthy lifestyle tips for truck drivers

  1. Stay hydrated
  2. Eat light and less junk food
  3. Sleep, Sleep, Sleep
  4. Try to get exercise regularly

Stay hydrated

By the time your body starts to feel thirsty, you’re already dehydrated. This is why it is very important to sip on water all day long. Keep a water bottle on you, either disposable or refillable, that way you always have water to drink. You should aim to drink 1-2 liters a day. If you aren’t staying hydrated, you can become drowsy and it will affect your alertness which can be very dangerous when you’re on the road. 

Eat light and less junk food

The food you put into your body is very important to your overall health. Try to avoid eating just a few heavy meals and instead snack small throughout the day. It’s also easy to reach for a candy bar or a bag of chips when you’re in a hurry. However, there are many snack alternatives you can grab such as walnuts, almonds, apples, or whole-grain crackers with some cheese. 

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep

It’s important to try and get as much sleep as possible when you’re a truck driver and spending long hours behind the wheel. It is recommended to get between 7-8 hours of sleep every night in order to regenerate the body and keep the mind sharp. One in five deaths on the roadway are caused by the drivers falling asleep behind the wheel. Good sleep is vital not only to your safety but also those around you.

Try to get exercise regularly

It can be difficult to fit any sort of exercise into the life of a truck driver, however, it can be made possible. It can be incorporating some simple stretches into your daily routine or finding some time to get up and walk around. Stretching allows you to release stress that builds up in your neck and back from sitting. It is easy to do and doesn’t take up much time. Short walks are also easy to do. Walking 32 laps around your tractor-trailer equals 1 mile and 30 minutes of walking can burn between 200-300 calories. 

As a truck driver, you should never forfeit or neglect your own health. Although it can be tough to incorporate a healthy lifestyle while constantly on the road, it is very possible. Just remember, never give up!

From safety to support, we’re here to help you succeed! Contact us if you’re interested in learning more about being a part of our team.