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When you work a sedentary job, you know firsthand how quickly you gain weight when your activity levels decline. That’s why it’s important as a trucker to be mindful of your exercise and daily caloric intake to ensure that you are continuing to live a healthy lifestyle on the road. With fast food joints at every corner, it can be hard to consume the right nutrients and stay under your caloric intake for the day. 

How to eat healthy at a truck stop:

  1. Download a fitness app
  2. Track your calories
  3. Exercise
  4. Look at labels
  5. Look for healthy options 

Download a fitness app 

Having a fitness app on your phone is a great way to stay consistent and mindful of your fitness goals. Most fitness apps are free in the app store and can help track things such as your step count, meals, and weight (when entered). Having an app such as this will help you stay on track without guessing whether or not you ate over your allotted calories for the day. 

Track your calories

When starting a weight loss plan you should always talk to your physician to see what a healthy weight is for you. When you know the needed calories to maintain that weight you can enter those calories into your fitness tracker.


When you set all day long it is important to get up and move! Your blood flow and heart love when you treat your body to some blood pumping exercises. Not only will exercise keep you healthy but it will help aid in your weight loss. 

Look at labels

Whether you get your food at a restaurant or you pick it up at a rest stop or grocery store you should investigate the contents of the food you are going to eat. Look at the calories, protein, sodium, fat, etc to see how it fits in with your physician’s set health goals. It’s important to be mindful and not mindless when snacking. 

Look for healthy options

When browsing at a truck stop for some healthy foods look for things like unsalted almonds, low-fat yogurts that have high protein, fresh fruits, bottled water, and protein bars instead of the typical junk food. Making healthier choices will help improve your health and keep you on the road for the long haul.

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