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The winter cold is enough to keep anyone indoors and away from the germs that are bound to spread. As a trucker, it’s impossible to stay home because your money is made on the road. If you are like most individuals you don’t want to get sick because you are afraid of the downtime that is involved. That is why we want to help protect you and your health as you venture out into the brisk winter air. 

How truckers can stay healthy during the winter:

  1. Focus on the foods you eat. 
  2. Exercising helps to keep your body strong. 
  3. Be sure to visit your family doctor for regular checkups. 

Focus on the foods you eat. 

Being on the road can make it almost impossible to eat a well-balanced meal every day. While there are tasty healthy meals made readily available at your local fast food stops, it still isn’t an easy choice to be made. But, you have to remember that the food you eat will either help fight the illness or it may weaken your immune system altogether. When looking at good foods to eat be sure to focus on fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and lots of water to help nourish your body. If you have other dietary questions, be sure to consult your family doctor for more detailed information. 

Exercising helps to keep your body strong. 

Since most of your work involves sitting, you must take the time to break your daily routine. Try finding a local gym that is available in the cities you visit or do some body-weight exercises at your next stop. Keeping your body strong also helps keep you alert and happy. Exercising can also help fight things such as stress and seasonal depression that is brought on by the time change and the cold. 

Be sure to visit your family doctor for regular checkups. 

There is a ton of information online about diet and exercise, but not every program out there is suitable for you. There are a lot of things that affect your health including your sex and age. A doctor can help assess you and your needs by performing an exam. We want to make sure that you are as healthy as possible so that you can continue to work and provide for your family. 

From safety to support, we’re here to help you succeed! Contact us if you’re interested in learning more about being a part of our team.