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It can be easy for drivers to get a chip on their shoulder when it comes to the company they are working for. But there are things that trucking companies can do to help improve driver morale. Here are our recommendations to improving driver morale for a happier workplace environment:

Company Culture

Company culture is in essence, the personality of your company. It’s what defines your company’s work environment, mission, values, ethics, goals and expectations. Company culture is what sets you apart from other companies and should be that wow-factor as to why people come work for you and not the competition. Establishing a strong company culture will help give your team an expectation of how your company is great place to work.


Trust goes a long way when it comes to relationships. It is the bedrock of having mutual respect and reverence in the workplace. It is worth taking the time to build a solid foundation of trust between fleet managers and drivers. Guaranteed, you will see an improvement in communication, attitude and overall efficiency and productivity.

Employee Recognition

Sure, money is always a great incentive to do better; however, something as simple as giving recognition of a job well done can be an even greater incentive. People love to be recognized and showed appreciation for the hard work and time they are giving to their employer. Create a driver recognition program for safe driving records, receiving compliments from customers and going above and beyond protocol. By giving recognition, you are showing gratitude and an acknowledgment of an employee’s job and their role in the company.

Technology Upgrades

Make life easier on your driver’s by investing in technology upgrades. Investing in upgrades such as navigation, electronic device logging and collision avoidance systems not only help to keep your driver’s safe and save time but will save you time, money and help you to run a more efficient and productive operation.

Invest in the Team

Being in the trucking industry, on-going training is important and should be apart of every trucking company’s mission. By investing in your team through on-going training, you are putting the driver’s safety at the forefront of importance and that you take their job seriously.

Additionally, training days help to break up the mundane day-to-day and give the team a chance to connect and build stronger relationships and camaraderie.

Be Open

Be open to hear your driver’s questions, concerns and recommendations. This shows that you support your team and have a desire and appreciation to understand their job. You never know, your company’s latest efficiency policy may come from a driver’s recommendation, question or concern!

These are simple recommendations that can go a long way in improving driver morale. Remember, happy drivers means happy fleet managers which means to a happy and productive company.