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Remember as a kid preparing for a test and being told to get the right amount of sleep, eat a hearty breakfast the morning of and hopefully, you studied enough to be mentally prepared for the test. Well, this test is a little bit different, you may be super nervous, but the same rules apply and more. There are plenty of questions you may ask yourself before and during your CDL road test such as: what if I miss a shift or make a turn not wide enough? Here are tips you need to know to help prepare you for success before your CDL road test.

Practice makes perfect

In anything you do, you should practice to be the best. Most people say practice until it is perfect, but we say practice until you cannot get it wrong. You should apply the knowledge from classes and the written exam to your practice actually out on the road. Ask questions during practice, make sure you are doing what is right remember you are new and not the expert yet. Try to get as much knowledge and practice as possible!

Preparation is essential for success  

Old school principles apply here. Just like any test, you should get a decent amount of sleep the night before your exam, as well as eating a hearty meal before the exam. Study your written notes and class material the night before and morning of to have it fresh in your mind. Mentally prepare yourself by being confident in what you are doing.

Confidence is key

Anything you do in life, you should do with confidence because having confidence will make you believe you can do it — which you can! Being confident will show the examiner you are capable of being able to handle driving a truck and know the safe way to drive. Even if you do make mistakes, they know you are new to driving. They want to see you have a positive attitude and awareness of the road and your surroundings.

Practice, preparation and confidence. These 3 things will help set you up for success and prepare you for the big test. Once you pass with flying colors (and you will), you are ready to start your exciting career in trucking!

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