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Who doesn’t love to eat? We all do. It’s even easier to eat when you are alone and bored. Truck drivers have an especially hard time with healthy meals because they are always on the go. From truck stops, gas stations, rest areas, and hotels truckers don’t always get to stop or have time to stop at the healthiest of places while they are on the road. That is why we want to provide a helpful list of great snacks that truckers can pack in their rig before they head back out on the road.

Seven great snacks for the road

  1. Beef jerky
  2. Apple slices and cheese
  3. Carrot or celery sticks
  4. Hard-boiled eggs
  5. Protein bars
  6. Oatmeal
  7. Mixed nuts

Beef Jerky

The great thing about jerky is that it is full of protein, which will help you stay fuller longer. Try to stay away from grocery store or gas station jerky. Looking for an organic option will ensure that you are getting the most healthy option possible.

Apple slices and cheese

Fruit is an important thing to keep in your diet, especially a fruit that is high in fiber. Eating apples will help keep your digestive tract in check. Also, the cheese has its own set of nutrients that will keep you full of energy and help fight off hunger.

Carrot or celery sticks

Who loves crunchy vegetables? The best thing about carrot and celery sticks is that you don’t need any utensils and they won’t leave behind a mess. The crunchiness of both vegetables will surely give your jaw a workout as well as keep your mind preoccupied as you are fueling your body.

Hard-boiled eggs

Eggs are full of healthy fats and when you boil them they are a great on-the-go snack that you can take anywhere. Also, since they are packed full of protein you are getting a way better alternative than stopping at a fast food joint.

Protein bars

Depending on what protein bar option you prefer (since most are packed full of sugar) you can view these as a form of dessert. When choosing a protein bar look for options that have very few ingredients. Doing so will help you steer clear of any unwanted sugars.


Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner oatmeal is a great snack to take on the road. Oatmeal can be paired with yogurt, other fruits, or just eaten by itself. Oatmeal is packed full of fiber and healthy carbs that will help you stay fuller longer.

Mixed Nuts

There are so many types of nuts that it can be hard to go wrong (unless you have a peanut allergy). Mixed nuts are an easy item to take because hey can be poured in a bag or left in the can and they virtually make no mess, plus they don’t have to be kept at a certain temperature. Getting a good variety of nuts will ensure your body is packed full of healthy nutrients for that long haul.

While we provided you with seven great snacks to take on the road, there are still so many more! Remember, being healthy is a choice.