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Truck drivers know they have a tough job. They are on the road for hours at a time and experience all sorts of weather, from torrential downpours to snowstorms, which can make driving treacherous. Semi-truck drivers face an added challenge: high winds that may be too strong for them to drive in. This blog post will provide tips on what semi-truck drivers should do if they find themselves in this situation so they can keep their cargo safe and get home as soon as possible.

For instance, before taking off in these conditions, you could ask your dispatcher about the route options available to you—maybe there is an alternate route that has fewer hills or bridges your rig might not be able to handle due to high winds. 

Every driver has their own way to deal with the perils of driving in high winds. However, if you’re a semi-truck driver then there are some specific precautions that you should take. 

6 Tips for Semi Truck Driving During High Winds

  1. Keep your speed down and drive slower than usual
  2. Don’t pass other vehicles or make sudden lane changes
  3. Be careful when driving near bridges, overpasses, or tunnels 
  4. Use low beams when there is no oncoming traffic so you can see better in the windy conditions 
  5. If visibility is limited due to blowing dust, snow, or rain; slow down even more and avoid traveling at night 
  6. Avoid parking under trees because they may be uprooted by high winds and cause damage to your vehicle

If you’ve been driving in high winds for a while, then the tips here are probably nothing new. But if you’re just starting out or haven’t driven during these conditions before; this list should be helpful to keep your truck safe and intact during those windy days on the highway.   We want to help drivers like yourself stay safe on the road with our top-notch fleet of vehicles that have some of the best safety ratings in the industry. With us, you can rest assured knowing that your vehicle will get through any storm safely because we hire only experienced semi-truck drivers who know how to handle themselves when things get tough! What type of tip do you find most useful? Let us know!

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