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Are you ready to become an owner-operator of your own trucking company? While it takes passion, dedication, patience and a little bit of money (ok… quite a bit) to get started, it’s a very rewarding industry to play a role in. To help you run a successful trucking company, here are a few tips to make sure you start on the right foot:

Understand the industry.

First things first, you need to know and understand the industry you’re getting into. Talk the talk and walk the walk by having experience in every aspect of the trucking business. Gain insight and learn from other drivers, dispatchers, and mechanics all you that can about the pros and cons of their jobs and what could make their jobs better. Knowledge is power, and the more that you’re willing to learn will only set you up for success.

Business basics.

While it’s important to understand the industry you’re in, it’s equally important to know the basics of business. Be knowledgeable on the fundamentals of marketing, accounting, and management. If you lack experience, take a course in the areas you’re weak in or partner with a professional business that can help you with accounting or marketing.

Hire the right team.

Your team is your company’s heartbeat, so hiring the right people for the job is critical. In addition to making sure applicants have all the right boxes checked such as having their CDL, hazmat & tanker endorsements, clean driving record; you will want to make sure they will fit in with company culture you have set out to create. Having the right team in place will help to set your trucking company apart from others.

Treat your team right.

Once you have the right team in place, you have to make sure you treat them right. On top of providing your employees with great pay, benefits, health and life insurance, go a little deeper by giving extras that other trucking companies aren’t doing. Provide professional development opportunities, driver mentorships, service awards, recognition for a job well done and other incentives. Not only will this show your team how much they are appreciated but it keeps everyone happy and gives them a reason stay employed with you.

Have the best equipment.

While this is going to require the greatest investment, whether you buy or lease, having the best equipment will be well worth it. From your fleet of trucks and trailers to the computer’s your dispatchers use, the equipment you provide your team is the backbone of your trucking company’s success.    


There’s definitely more to running a successful trucking company but taking the above tips into heavy consideration will help you get a great start!