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Just like any other job, being a truck driver can be stressful. We know firsthand about dealing with traffic, other drivers, accidents, road construction, being away from family, and breakdowns but you don’t want those things to overwhelm you. Stress can be damaging to your health and cause you to be distracted while on the road. In order for you to be the best at your job, there are things you must do in order to de-stress and relax to ensure you have a productive career in the trucking industry.

How truck drivers can reduce stress while on the road:

  1. Exercise is a great way to reduce stress. When you exercise your body releases endorphins which makes you feel happy. You don’t have to belong to a gym to exercise. You can take a walk, job, carry free weights, do lunges or pushups in a parking lot. Whatever you decide to do your body will appreciate the extra love and attention you are giving it.
  2. Meditation is a great thing to do to relieve some stress. Meditation allows you to take time and enjoy the moment. Focus on your breathing and on the good things in your life. You will start to notice that when you focus on the good things that you will have less time to focus on the things that don’t matter in life.
  3. Are you laughing? Laughter is the key to staying young. Put on a comedy CD or watch some TV when you are on the road in order to free your mind of the things of life for a while.
  4. Keep it simple. Sometimes you don’t have to do great big things to de-stress. Carry around a stress ball, count to ten, focus on the present and remember that bad moments don’t make a bad life. You have the power within yourself to turn things around.
  5. Take time to assess how you are feeling. Only you know what makes your body tick and if you are feeling anything unusual. If you find yourself unable to destress you may want to consider calling your family doctor for a stress test when you are home. Remember health is wealth and if you unable to work or enjoy life your quality of life will decrease.

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