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The trucking industry is full of complicated relationships of intermingled positions. Don’t let yourself get caught up in the whirlwind. Truckers and dispatchers are the two easiest positions that can develop a great relationship that will actually help each other succeed. Creating a long lasting friendly relationship with your dispatcher could mean the difference between an extra long route or getting home in time for dinner. Use these tips to establish a better connection in your trucker-dispatcher relationship.

Understand Their Perspective.
Understanding the dispatcher perspective, as well as the truckers, is vital to any working relationship. The dispatcher and trucker work hand in hand to get shipments made and paperwork filed on time. The dispatcher is in charge of which loads you ship or which payload you are driving. That being said, the dispatcher can affect how big your paycheck is or isn’t. So, bridge the gap in the relationship so you can have a working relationship with mutual respect for each other’s jobs.

Tackle Miscommunication.
Much like any relationship (personal or work) miscommunication is the number one reason for things breaking apart. Schedule an appointment or meeting in the office with your dispatcher in order to talk face to face about schedules or days you may need off. These small meetings are a large gesture to get clear communication across and develop the working relationship further.

Another step in solving miscommunication is to show clarity. Jessica Hartung, CEO of Integrated Work, suggests that the best way to resolve misunderstanding is to engage in a three level process:

  • The first level is obtaining a common understanding of the concrete facts of a situation,
  • The second level is discussing the various interpretations that resulted from those facts,
  • The third level is gaining agreement about what to do next.

We have to agree, that if all three levels are completed and applied, the dispatcher and trucker will have a better understanding and will communicate more effectively.

Show Appreciation.
Showing a little appreciation towards one another will go a long way. If you feel happy that your dispatcher gave you a heavy payload, thank them for the opportunity. Dispatchers are consistently dealing with complaints from other drivers, allow them to take a break from the criticism by giving them a thankful message.

Take the steps today to make your working relationship better than ever! Creating a good working relationship between both the trucker and dispatcher can be the difference in your job happiness as a whole.

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