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There are certain aspects of a job that can be reevaluated in order to turn your everyday work into a career. Take your trucking job to the next level with our help. Try these tips in order to change your job into a career:

Take pride in your job performance

Be prepared for what your daily tasks are, make your pickup and deliveries on time, and treat yourself to higher standards. Being prepared is a key factor that comes into play for your next day’s work. So, turn off the Netflix at 3 A.M (your favorite character will be killed off anyways) and get the rest you deserve so you are bright-eyed and ready to take on anything. In the trucking industry, it’s important you hold true to your word. So be sure you make your pick-up and deliveries on time. Not only will customers enjoy it, but they may even report the great service to your boss! Most importantly, treat yourself to higher standards. Nothing will show the team you work with how much you can do unless you start to prove it through your own actions.

Provide excellent customer service

Customer service is a vital role in any type of business. Representing your company through your work and maintaining a high-quality perception of service will increase your ability as a worker and as a company representative. The better your customer service, the more positive feedback the company will receive, which in turn could mean more work or even bigger paychecks for you. After all, if the customer isn’t happy…no one is.

Establish a rapport with dispatchers

Dispatchers have a pretty large role in the trucking industry. It is true, yes, that without drivers deliveries would never be made, but without the dispatcher, the drivers would have no idea where to go. Establishing a good rapport with your dispatcher could be the difference between an extra long haul or the one across town in order to get home in time for dinner. Acknowledging that your dispatcher is an actual coworker will better your working relationship (you may even get a nickname called over the radio) and allow you to go the next level in your career.

Take care of yourself

It is so important that you take care of yourself. Don’t under sleep or oversleep. Make the right decisions that will allow you to perform best in your working environment. Be Healthy: that’s right, don’t get a triple bacon chili cheeseburger. Opt for smarter food choices that will enhance your lifestyle and allow you to get the nutrition needed to sustain throughout the day! Stretch. Stretching will allow your body to feel better and keep working. Stretching eases your muscles from tension caused by the workload, and can have a huge impact on how you physically feel  from morning until night.

It’s all about attitude

Staying positive can actually help your day go by easier! Having a positive attitude will impact all aspects of your career, which could lead to higher earnings, happier moral, and keeping your job longer.

Keep your driving record clean!

A clean driving record is a must for this career field. It is common knowledge that you must have a good driving record, so don’t go out to celebrate the win of a season with too many beers that could impact your drive the next day. Opt to be the Designated Driver to keep your friends safe, and your career intact! Don’t speed, be aware of other bad drivers, and definitely, try not to get any driving tickets.

Hopefully, these 6 tips can help get you moving in your future career today. Remember, take pride in yourself and your company, represent your company well, talk to your dispatchers more, substitute a burger for a wrap, stay positive, and keep your driving record clean!

Here at Roeder Cartage, we are always looking for experienced team members! Take the initiative today to turn your job into a career with us!