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Are you a new trucker? If you find yourself going to the CB radio less and less are don’t see a need for it anymore, you may find yourself in this boat. Newer truckers are turning to their smartphones more and more because after all, they can really do it all. CB radios have been around for a long time and as you know they have become synonymous with truckers. Truckers even have their own set of CB lingo that is important to learn.

CB radios will help you stay safe while on the road and are still the #1 way veteran truckers still communicate. If you are still questioning the importance of the CB radio, let us explain.

Why you should appreciate the CB radio:

  1. Real-Time Information
  2. Understand the CB Lingo
  3. Know how to properly use the CB radio to your advantage

Real-Time Information

Did you know that there aren’t as many restrictions on CB radios while driving as there are on smartphones? That is why it is important you are able to utilize CB radios to obtain real-time information. Connecting your radio to hear other drivers is a great way to know what you are getting in to up ahead. They are able to warn you of possible wrecks and stopped traffic.

Understand the CB Lingo

There is a ton of information online about CB lingo and 10-codes that you should be familiar with. It may seem like a lot of information to learn at first but once it is learned you will never forget it. The 10-codes will help you know what is being communicated with law enforcement and other public safety individuals. The other CB lingo is largely made up by truckers and you may find it rather amusing.

Know how to properly use the CB radio to your advantage

The CB radio is not a complex tool but it is still something you must learn to use. You need to learn how to use the controls and the microphone when speaking so that your words are not cut off mid-sentence. Also, knowing what channel to be on is crucial when using the radio. Being on the wrong channel will not provide you with the information you need while driving, and it can also be a distraction.

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