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Do you experience back pain while driving your rig? The answer is most likely yes. As a trucker, you spend long hours driving. Whether you are getting in or out, sitting, or being jolted around back pain can present itself. That is why we want to help you prevent back pain while driving. Here are a few helpful tips to do just that.

Helpful tips for truckers in regards to back pain:

  1. Pay attention to your posture.
  2. Be sure to take breaks from driving.
  3. Drink plenty of water.
  4. Adjust your mirrors.

Pay attention to your posture.

Just like with a desk job, your posture while driving is important. If you are slouched over and don’t have your seat positioned well you are more likely to experience back pain. Be sure that you aren’t straining to reach the pedals or steering wheel, that your back is pressed flat against your seat, that your head is rested against the back of the seat, and that you are sitting up straight and tall.

Be sure to take a break from driving.

Breaks are important, not only for your focus but on your back as well. Taking a break and stretching will help release the tension from your neck and back and get your blood flowing. If you are unsure of what stretches to do, there are plenty of resources on body weight stretches that can be done anywhere.

Drink plenty of water.

Your diet is important, as it affects more than preventing your stomach from grumbling when you are hungry. A well-balanced diet and drinking plenty of water helps your body function properly. It also helps your body heal quickly when need be. Maintaining a healthy weight can also help prevent back pain. Talk to your doctor if you have additional questions on what a healthy weight is for you.

Adjust your mirrors.

Are your mirrors positioned properly? You shouldn’t have to strain to look out your side mirrors. Consistent strain will put pressure on your neck and spine which can result in back pain. Take the time to position your mirrors before heading out on your next haul.

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