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For those of you who spend hours on end driving, it is very important that you are sitting in the proper sitting position. We have all been there when you are driving along and next thing you know, you hit a bump and it really hurts your back or when you get out of the vehicle and you are extremely tight and sore. All of this affects your spine alignment and how you feel.

What is the most ideal sitting position when driving? Well, the Cleveland Clinic recommends keeping your back straight, shoulders back and your bottom touching the back of the chair. Making sure to keep your body weight distributed evenly between your hips. Your back should be in its normal curve because otherwise, you are going to be hurting.

Good vs. Bad posture in the car:

Bad – Having your neck poked, rounding your shoulders, upper back rounded forward, rounded lower back, pelvis slouched all contribute to putting yourself at a higher risk of back problems and injuries.

Good – Make sure you have space between the backs of your knees and the edge of your seat will create a more comfortable driving experience. Holding onto the steering wheel with both hands and changing hand positions frequently to increase blood circulation will help you feel less fatigued while driving.


Adjust your seat as high as it can comfortably go because having a high seat position will allow your pelvis to correct in a neutral position. If the seat is too low, this will result in your pelvis to slouch, round your lower back and can result in a hunched posture.

Using the lumbar support can assist you in adjusting to the shape of your back. You can also use a towel for a small pillow to help your back as you are driving for a duration of time.

Stretching while you sit will not only keep you alert but also gives your back a breather. Some recommend getting treatment solutions that can strengthen your muscles in your neck, shoulders, and back all in order to reduce the risk of injury and prevent a serious problem from occurring. It is also a good idea to use a hot/cold pack on areas that are a bit sore from driving for a long period. Also taking over the counter products like anti-inflammatory pills or creams and applying to the areas that are sensitive can help treat your back getting some relief from irritation.