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Your health should be made a priority, period. But being a trucker with a life on the road doesn’t always equal out to a healthy lifestyle. Much of your time is spent sitting in a chair for hours upon hours at a time. However, you have to make your health a priority so that you can enjoy life to its fullest potential.

Additionally, if you’re a trucker, your job depends on your health. Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) holders have to pass a physical every two years by the Department of Transportation. If you don’t pass that physical, guess what? Your CDL is suspended until you make the appropriate changes so you can pass that physical.

We are well aware that life on the road isn’t always conducive with a healthy lifestyle. So to help keep you in business, here are 7 tips to making your health a priority while out on the road, so you can you enjoy a long and fruitful life:


One of the first steps to improving your health, just may be the easiest to comply with. Sleep! It’s essential in good health. The optimal amount of sleep you should aim to get in a night’s rest is 7-8 hours. This help you to stay sharp and focused the next day with the right amount of sleep.

Eat Healthy

This is a hard one. Sometimes, the options for healthy eating while on the road are pretty slim. Do yourself a favor and plan out your snacks and meals to take with you so you won’t be tempted to grab a Snickers at a rest stop. If you have to pick something up at rest stop or fast food, be sure to check out the calories and try to go for a salad or grilled chicken.  


Hydration is key to health so switch your soda-pop with water. Soda is full of empty calories and sweeteners that do more harm to your body than good.


When you’re at a stop, stay out of the truck 10-15 extra minutes to walk or jog to get the blood pumping after sitting for a long period of time. To keep you aware of your movements, reach your goals and have accountability get a pedometer or other tracking device.  

Quit Smoking

Everyone already knows this one, but seriously, if you’re a smoker it’s time to quit. For help and support, go to https://smokefree.gov/.

Stay Connected

Life on the road can be lonely and that’s not good for your emotional health. Stay connected with family friends by scheduling phone calls or video chats. Social media is another great way to maintain relationships while out on the road.

Keep Your Mind Moving

We’ve covered your physical and emotional health, now it’s time for your mental health. Avoid complacency and keep yourself sharp by listening to music, audiobooks or you can even learn a new language! The idea is to keep your mind moving forward.

We get it, being healthy is not an easy thing to do. But adapting to a more healthy lifestyle will benefit you in ways beyond what you could ever expect. Start small and work your way up to a major goal. You won’t regret it.


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